Wine Industry Solutions

Nate Scali

A former WineDirect e-Client trainer, Nathan started Wine Industry Solutions to go beyond the WineDirect training and offer real-world solutions. Using managerial knowledge from industries including retail, transportation & warehousing, B2B, restaurants coupled with 10 years working and consulting (clients across the US plus Australia and France) in the wine industry, Wine Industry Solutions serves to enhance flow and efficiency in Operations, Management, and Logistics to give you back peace of mind. Services include remote or in-person Custom Training, Wine Club Training & Management, and Custom Video Content Creation.

Faceless Marketing

Michael Rhinehart

With over 11 years of experience in the wine industry, I have become a skilled marketing and social media professional. Throughout their career, I have worked with various wineries and wine-related businesses providing consulting services and assisting with marketing strategies. For over three years, I worked at WineDirect as a project manager and marketing consultant. During my time there, I developed and implemented successful marketing campaigns and worked closely with clients to achieve their business goals. With a passion for the industry and a keen eye for detail, I continue to help businesses in the wine industry grow and succeed.